What we do

With a little over half of the land in Africa viable for agriculture, we are in the right continent, at the opportune time and in the perfect country. Kenya plays a key role in the trade and agricultural sector in East and Central Africa.

Judera farm was developed to engage and transform the nations through agribusiness by offering practical solutions within this key sector in order to tackle pertinent challenges across the globe like job opportunities, food security and health.


To become the leading game changer in the agribusiness sector through transforming minds and redefining norms and traditions to offer innovative solutions.


To make Africa a more desirable continent for agribusiness by creating specialized farming opportunities, enhancing job creation and improving food security.


Our business model is made of 5 main pillars:

  1. Exporter
  2. Investor(s)
  3. Worker(s)
  4. Government and Land owners

The concept is built on the principle of   “see a need, fill a need” where we  seek to meet the needs of these 5 entities .We get LAND OWNERS who have fallow parcels, and lease the land from them. We then approach EXPORTERS for contracts to plant various crops on their behalf, based on different orders from overseas buyers. INVESTORS then come into play with seed capital from which they receive interest after an agreed duration. With the land, product and finances, we get WORKERS to till the land for the duration of the crop. As a result, we are able to get the exporters the products they need to sell overseas, which in turn generates dollars for the country affecting its GDP positively. The workers get jobs and investors receive their dividends as well.

Our Process

  • Sleeping Giant
  • Investment
  • Job creation

We have identified a sleep giant that has immeasurable potential, fallow land that is viable for agriculture. We as Judera seek to challenge the taboos and myths revolving agriculture by creating viable solutions that will not only impact the society positively but will address various day to day challenges faced by many.

  • We identify land owners who are not fully utilizing their lands potential.
  • We then enter agreements with them where we either lease the land and cultivate it, or partner with them, symbiotically, for an agreed period where we take up different roles in the farming venture and then split the returns on a pre-agreed percentage. The ripple effect of this model are as follows: Job creation, increase in food production, reduced prices of basic vegetables and also positive impact on the nations GDP.

We offer a unique investment opportunity in our agribusiness venture that is open to all. It is a great way for investors to grow their money without getting involved with (in) the hustle and bustle of the everyday running of farming. To safe guard investments, we take up crop insurance for the crops grown. With this we are able to pay back the Investor the principle in the unfortunate event of an ‘act’ of God.

we seek to invest in different sectors along the agriculture value chain to enable us create job opportunities for many, more so youth.

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